Real Time Management

OK…I have a pretty good level of familiarity with various time and task management methods and tools.

Still, I can’t seem to keep up. And no matter how close to keeping up I get, I still have a million things on “the list.” It seems like the only time management method that works is kind of like the old video game “Asteroids”…frantically try to knock things out before you get knocked out…you can never slow down, you can’t control the barrage, and you really never win. It isn’t pretty.


Ok, I’ll admit, that screenshot isn’t very intimidating but the screen fills up (and, let’s face it, it came out in 1979).

Here is what time management seems to really boil down to.

  • Just start…minimize planning…and do your planning during “offline” times (like during breakfast)
  • Do everything as fast as you possibly can
  • Instead of breaks, just switch to a different type of task (e.g., if you are doing concentrated work like development, take a “break” and make phone calls)
  • Work all the time
  • Operate as if there are no “big blocks” of time…anyway, you can’t wait for them

There you have it…strap in or hire an assistant.

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