The End of the Newsletter

Well, we are getting ready to publish our next and last newsletter “Building Capability.” We’ve been publishing the newsletter since we started the business and it’s been both fun and informative (well, we like to think so anyway…).

But it has been difficult to publish consistently — when you get busy, you need to hit the client’s deadlines first. And much of the time creating the newsletter is spent on wordsmithing to fit the available space…not exactly high value add.

On top of that, the world has been changing. More and more communications are shifting to bite-size. Smaller, more frequent communications fit the more busy daily schedules of many professionals today. In fact, we often thought that our newsletter, built for printing, reading on a plane, leaving on a table in a library or breakroom, etc., might be attractive to people who get tired of reading from a computer screen.

But, printing isn’t “green” and publishing every quarter isn’t frequent enough (assumimg we could keep up with that schedule). So, we’re going to try the new communication model, try some new media (like digital video occasionally), and go for short, focussed email “blasts.”

Of course, now that it is working again, we will continue to post on our blog as well. We’re not planning a Facebook site though…maybe in a few years…

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