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Conference Presence

Trying to get home after the ASTD Conference in Orlando. (Apparently, the airline had planes in St Louis that got hailed on and needed to be inspected…the ripple effect for me was a very short extra night in Orlando.) It is weird that all the peripheral stuff consumes so much time and energy that the […]

The Future of Training

Upon being asked for ideas on innovative learning strategies, I thought I would post them here as well. Of course, often what is innovative in one environment is old hat in another. And innovative doesn’t necessarily mean effective — effective should always be top priority. Still, it can be helpful to think about where things […]

NYT: Budget

On Sunday, 1/13, the New York Times published a DIY tool for figuring out how you would solve the budget crisis and eliminate the deficit. (I know…we should have published this sooner…the draft was on Pete’s phone and got overlooked.) The on-line version was even cooler because it did the math for you. (Here is […]

Can People Be Protected from Their Own Stupidity?

What are you going to do? People can’t drive with their smartphones so lawmakers make it illegal to drive while texting. And if you want to talk on the phone while driving, you have to have a “hands-free” device. People definitely shouldn’t drive while distracted…but plenty of other distractions are still legal. For one thing, […]

Are You Competent? (Hint: “Not Really” is a Better Answer than “Yes”)

You may have heard the expression “the problem is, you don’t know what you don’t know” used to describe how unknowns create risk in decisions. (You may also have heard the expression “too bad stupid doesn’t hurt”…but that’s just funny). In general though, when we hear someone speak “with authority” we assume they know what […]

ISPI Conference 2010: T-Minus One Day and Counting

Once again, it is time for the annual ISPI international conference. San Francisco. I have a series of things to do on Wed. But I’m just an attendee on Tues and Thurs. The kick-off is usually the time to figure out the “big ideas” for the conference…hopefully, we will be focusing on more than just […]

The Little Things

In Tom Peters’ book “The Little Big Things,” he argues that cross-functional cooperation results in measurably better results. Not new but true. We’ve seen it. What’s different, is that Peters goes further in citing a number of seemingly little things that drive that effectiveness. For example, co-locating people. Using round conference room tables. (You can […]

What Do Instructional Designers Do?

Recently, I saw an ad in the March 2010 Issue of T&D  looking for instructional designers to create “innovative elearning…” It caught my eye because it was looking for volunteers to build training for kids. But it rubbed me the wrong way and reminded me of a continuing concern I have that when people think […]

Excellent Service

I recently had a problem with my computer. A client I was working with said it was a D620 error. I didn’t get it at first but then realized my computer is a Dell Latitude D620. Apparently, this model has had a problem or two…my client’s company actually exchanged a bunch of them when they […]

The End of the Newsletter

Well, we are getting ready to publish our next and last newsletter “Building Capability.” We’ve been publishing the newsletter since we started the business and it’s been both fun and informative (well, we like to think so anyway…). But it has been difficult to publish consistently — when you get busy, you need to hit […]