Go Back Jack, Do It Again

Steeley Dan was a pretty cool band–you have to admire their refusal to perform live and their blantant use of jazz-influenced chord progressions. But that is not the reason for the title. Nope. It is because somehow, Yahoo managed to screw up my blog and I have to regenerate the whole thing.  I am definitely not happy but, what can I do?

This isn’t the first batch of grey hairs courtesy of Yahoo. They also bunged up my email. Dig this. I pay for business email. One day they changed it. No notice though…I just tried to log in and it didn’t work.  When I called to ask “what up?” I was told “Oh, we changed business email…now it works like a regular business email account.”  I had to ask “what do you mean?” I was told “Now you log in with your full user name (yourname@yourbusiness.com) instead of your Yahoo ID.”  Hmmm. So far, the only difference is that I get to type more letters…who even cares!?!?  One aggravation was that all the folders full of emails were no longer available from the business account. But the real problem was that whatever they did made it no longer possible to access my business mail from my cellphone!  In fact, it now works on a Blackberry but not an iPhone (which is what I use). The bottom line–I get to pay for less functionality than people get with a free account! At least now I understand why they didn’t notify users before making the change.

There is plenty I like about Yahoo so we are keeping the website here (at least for now). But they are starting to feel like an old Jaguar automobile–more time in the shop than it is worth.

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