Archives for the Month of January, 2017

Tips for How Not to Make a Deadline (Rant)

Just to be clear, these are examples of things nobody should really do. Don’t try this at home…or at work for that matter. Do the opposite of these things to be successful in every way (and avoid tormenting others). In other words… DON’T… …continuously require updates on status and progress. This is like pulling carrots […]

Determining the Necessary Capabilities

There are really three keys to┬ádesigning and developing performance and training solutions that improve capability Understand the work Understand the knowledge, skills, information, and traits needed to perform the work Design effective strategies for enabling performers — in this case, effective means taking the shortest path to performance Several months ago, we published an article […]

Public Domain

In the previous issue, we teed up the idea that all graphics (or any content) on the web are not necessarily fair game for re-use. There are a number of myths about which and when graphics can be used, many of which fall under the heading of “public domain.” First of all, we are not […]