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Getting from Multiple Causes to Focused Action

Here is a model we have used for performance improvement efforts that works well as a group activity, leads to actionable, quick decisions, and is scalable to the resources you have available to build solutions. It starts by a detailed performance or process analysis. You need to identify outputs or deliverables, key criteria or measures, […]

Thin Wallets

Years ago (more than five) I remember going into a meeting carrying a large easel, a large roll of paper, a box or two of handouts, and two briefcases loaded with a laptop, misc folders, paper tablets, and other stuff. My client started laughing as I struggled to drag everything to the front of the […]

No One Root Cause

Everybody Loves Analysis When I first got involved with performance technology, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of emphasis placed on “Analysis.” The implication was that most consultants didn’t do enough (or any, or not the right kind) and that, as a result, often conducted training that was off-target or even unnecessary and, ultimately, […]

Real Time Management

OK…I have a pretty good level of familiarity with various time and task management methods and tools. Still, I can’t seem to keep up. And no matter how close to keeping up I get, I still have a million things on “the list.” It seems like the only time management method that works is kind […]